Appendix C

Debugger Usage


Analysis Rules can be fairly complex, and one needs a way to debug them in a graphical environment since they are executed in the background by the central server.  To test a rule, the debugger.exe is launched from the Analysis Rule or Statistic Collector view.   This pops up an application which evaluates the code. 


When the rule is fired it will be executed on the Central Server.  For this reason to have an accurate idea of how the rule will execute, it is best to launch the debugger from the VA2 Console residing on the Central Server machine.


The lib directory that the debugger uses should match the lib that the central server is used.  You may want to move the debugger to the central server bin directory for this reason.  If you do, the debugger path can be set in the Virtual Administrator > System Settings > System Variables setting.  That setting is local to each VA2 console.