Appendix D

Standard Libraries


siebsrvobj – This library simplifies the representation of the Siebel Server data that VA2 collects.  Below are the methods included with the library.


$objenterprise->runningappservers() #returns a @ of appserversrunning

$objenterprise->isappsrvrunning($stringappservername) # returns 1 or 0 if appserver is running

$objenterprise->isentcomprunning($stringofmoncomp) #returns 1 or 0 if enterprise component is running

$objenterprise->isappsrvrcomprunning($stringofappname,$stingofcompname)  #returns 1 or 0 if component for appserver specified is running

$objenterprise->isenttaskrunning($stringoftask) #returns 1 or 0 if task for enterprise is running

$objenterprise->isappsrvrtaskrunning($stringofappname,$stringoftaskname) #returns 1 or 0 if task for appserver specified is running


$objenterprise->entasks() returns an array (@) of hashes (%) of enterprisetasks

$objenterprise->entcomps() returns a @ of @ of enterprsisecomponents


$objenterprise->appsrvrtasks($stringappsrvrname) # returns an @ of % of enterprisetasks

$objenterprise->appsrvrcomps($stringappsrvrname) # returns an @ of appservercomponents

$objenterprise->hostprocesses($stringhost) #returns an @ of @ of processes?




To use a method a siebsrvobj must be initialized first.  To initialize, one must pass in the $datasession, $debug, and string enterprise name.




my $entobj = siebsrvobj->newobj($datasession,$debug,'siebel');         

$retval = $objenterprise->isenttaskrunning(‘ReqProc’);


#this rule will fail if there is no ReqProc task running in the enterprise.


sqlanalize – This library simplifies the process of executing SQL queries and analyzing the results.


The methods include:




The datasource can be defined by using the $datasource construct.  Pass in the Alias name of a datasource defined in  VA2 and you will inherit a session to that datasource.




use sqlanalyze;

my $sql = "select count(*) from S_DOCK_TXN_LOG";

$retval = sqlanalyze->sqlcount($sql, $datasource{siebeldata});