Data Sources

a.       Description Data sources are defined ODBC compliant data sources. One is created automatically on install for Siebel. The data source defined must have a valid ODBC source defined on the Central Server host. This is because the Analysis Rule or Statistic that will eventually use the DataSource will be executed on the central server.

b.      Properties

                                                   i.      Alias User defined name for the data source. The alias is used as a reference in Analysis Rules and Statistic Collectors.

                                                 ii.      Data Source: Name of a valid ODBC data source on the Central Server. WARNING The VA2 console displays the names of the data sources on the machine the Console is running on. If defining a datasource on a machine other than the Central Server, a Central Server datasource should be typed in instead of chosen from the dropdown list.

                                                iii.      Username Database username

                                               iv.      Password Database password

                                                 v.      Test Test will display Success! if it makes a connection with the username and password defined. The test will only work when executed on the same machine that the datasource is present on.