Managed Software Systems

a.       Definition - A managed software system is a collection of software elements, grouped under a logical system. The purpose of a Managed Software System is to provide a logical container to organize a collection of Software Elements. Its configuration is largely up to the user. For example, one may want to configure a single managed software system that contained software elements for all the Siebel components (Gateway, Enterprise, Appservers), and also includes software elements that represent a web server and a database server. Alternatively, a separate Managed Software System can be created for the database server, and yet another for the web server software elements.


b.      Properties

                                                               i.      Software System

Name of the Managed software system the only property available for managed software systems, determines the name of the system.

c.       Menu.

                                                             ii.      Add

Adds a Software Element for the managed software system as a top level software element. A software Element dialog box is opened to define the newly added software element.

                                                            iii.      Edit

Exposes the previously defined properties of the Managed Software system for editing.

                                                           iv.      Delete

Deletes the Managed Software System. Delete also deletes all software elements defined for the managed software system, and all sub software elements, and all sub elements for the deleted software elements.

                                                             v.      Refresh

Refreshes the list of software elements that exist under the Managed software system