1. Log files
    1. Log files are produced under the /Log directory of Central Server and LSM applications.
    2. There is a Debug option that can be set in the vconfig.txt files.  By setting DEBUG = TRUE debug messages are produced in the log files.  WARNING: The debug setting will produce far too much log files for the long term running of VA2.  Make sure to turn off the debug setting if your in production.


  1. Processes per server
    1. VA2 is a multi process server.  Each Service starts a series of processes. 
    2. LSM

·        vlsm.exe – service executable

·        vsrvrmgr.exe – Siebel Server interface

·        vlogmon.exe – Siebel Server log monitor

·        vapplogmon.exe – Generic log monitor of application error definitions

    1. Central Service

·        vcservice.exe – service executable

·        vsar.exe – statistical analysis router, schedules execution of analysis rules and statistic collectors

·        vevalrunner.exe – executes analysis rules and statistic collectors

·        vcs.exe – receives events from LSM, vevalrunner, sends notifications


    1. The Central Service can be configured to automatically start the LSM services when it is started.  To enable this, set an option in the vconfig.txt file, AUTOSTARTVLSM = TRUE.  If this option is set, the Central Service should be shut down first if shutting down the services.  Otherwise, the Central Service will try to restart a LSM service as soon you shut it down.  This can be confusing, especially if the LSM is on a different machine than the Central Service.


  1.  SiebSrvr_ODBC and Central Server, Data Source
    1. On install, the siebelsetup.exe imports the ODBC setting defined in the Enterprise Server as a VA2 datasource.  Usually this ODBC data source is SiebSrvr_ODBC.  The Central Service expects that the defined data source is present on the same machine as the Central Server. 


  1. NT Exceptions in the MMC Console
    1. Users of the MMC Console on NT have reported Dr.Watson errors that are not reproducible.  Make sure that you are using the latest NT service pack, and report any errors to Recursive Technology support.