Notification Rules

a.       Definition A Notification Rule is a routing system that allows VA2 users to define which Error Events are routed, and whether specific Reactions are associated with Error Events. The fields in a Notification rule match up to the fields in an Error Definition, which generate the Error Event. If a notification rule matches all error event fields, the Notification Rule will fire, and the message associated with the notification rule will be sent to all current scheduled administrators via their defined communication channels. Also, any Reactions will be fired. If a field in a notification is left to be 0 or NULL, it is not matched. However, if the field has data, it must match the event to fire the notification rule.















b.      Properties

                                                   i.      Name User defined name of rule

                                                 ii.      Message User defined message sent when the notification rule is satisfied

                                                iii.      Notify All If set, this notification rule will satisfy for EVERY EVENT IN THE SYSTEM.

                                               iv.      Active Only Active Notification rules will be evaluated

                                                 v.      Event Type Matches the Event Type

                                               vi.      Event Sub Type Matches the Event Sub Type

                                              vii.      Event Level Matches the Event Level

                                            viii.      Event String Matches an Event String

c.       Methods Add, Delete, Refresh

d.      Reactions For Notifications

                                                   i.      Reactions must be defined in the Reaction Tab. Then if a Reaction is associated with a notification rule that satisfies an event, the Reaction will be fired.