a.       Definition - A reaction is Perl, BAT, or Siebel Server command that be fired when a notification rule is satisfied. The reaction can be executed locally, or routed to a LSM host or Siebel Server.

b.      Properties

                                                   i.      Name User defined name for the reaction

                                                 ii.      Host - If filled out, the reaction will be sent to the LSM host. If no host property is selected, the reaction will be fired on the Central Server host.

                                                iii.      Type Choose between Perl, BAT, and Siebel Server commands.

                                               iv.      Siebel Server If filled out, the command will be routed to a Siebel Server defined. Must be valid Siebel Server Command as defined in the Server Manager syntax guide provided by Siebel.

c.       Methods Add, Delete, Refresh