a.       Definition – A schedule is a definition of when a notification rule applies.  When an event satisfies a notification rule, it is routed to a schedule that fits the time when the event was generated.  Each Schedule forwards the notification to each Administrator, and the notification is sent to the administrator via the communication channel defined for each. A schedule can be “Schedule Every” which means that automatically is a 24x7 schedule.  Schedules represent a weekly and daily timeframe.

b.      Properties

                                                   i.      Schedule Every – if marked, the rest of the Scheduling options will disappear. This schedule will satisfy at all times.

                                                 ii.      Every Day - If Checked, every day of the week will satisfy, and the hour start and hour end only need to be set.       

                                                iii.      Hour Start, Hour End – Set the Hour and minute for start and stop of the schedule on a 24 hour clock.

c.       Menus – Add, Delete, Refresh

d.      Administrators For a Schedule

                                                   i.      Associate one or more administrator to a schedule.  When a notification rule sends the event to a schedule, the event will be forwarded to all Administrators associated with the schedule.