Siebel Applications

a.       Definition – VA2 was built with Siebel in mind.  The install process should gather the necessary information about your Siebel Deployment to allow for proper monitoring and displaying of the Application Server specific information.


b.      Gateway  - The Gateway information is listed for each Siebel System you are monitoring.

                                                                                                   i.      The Gateway is installed on setup as standard Software Element.  It is set to Auto Restart.

                                                                                                 ii.      Type must be gateway if manually adding a gateway server.

c.        Enterprise

                                                                                                   i.      The Gateway can have multiple Enterprises.  (Siebel recommends only 1 Enterprise per gateway server).

                                                                                                 ii.      The Enterprise is also a Software Element.  However, since it is a logical software element, the log dir and host are not filled out by. 

                                                                                                iii.      Type must be enterprise if manually adding a enterprise

d.      Components

                                                                                                   i.      The components listed for each Enterprise Server are automatically created on install.  If a new component is added after install, components can be manually added and deleted.

                                                                                                 ii.      Error Definition for Component

                                                                                                iii.      Each Component can have a error definition attached to it.  An error definition will be on the component level, monitoring errors only for that component.  Application Level Error definitions will pick up component level errors if Component level errors satisfy the application level error definition.

e.       Processes

                                                                                                   i.      Each process that is spawned by the Siebel Application Server is listed.  The list of processes correlates to a Siebel Task Id. The Memory, Virtual Memory, process name, Component Alias, and Component Name are shown, if they exist for the process.

                                                                                                 ii.      Graphs are available for each process by right clicking and selecting View > Graph.  Graphs show the percentage of Physical Memory each process is taking,  total CPU time for the Process, and Memory Usage by process.

f.        Server tasks

                                                                                                   i.      Each Server Task that is spawned by the Siebel Application Server is listed.  The Server Task information is similar to the views of Sever Tasks one can access via Siebel.  However, in Virtual Administrator Analysis Rules can be written based on task state.

g.       Monitored Components

                                                                                                   i.      Monitored Components are components that are currently running for the Application Server. Field level information is provided about the Components in question.  Analysis rules can be written based on all the fields.

                                                                                                 ii.      Graphs are available for Components, showing resource consumption per component.  This is useful as each component may spawn multiple processes/tasks.