a.       Definition -  MMC console that provides the user interface for VA2.  The console can be started from the start menu > Virtual Administrator 2  or any MMC console (Including IIS and SQL Server consoles).  In a MMC console, select Console > Add Remove Snapin > Add to get a list of available snapins.  After the install of the VA2 Console application it will be available in the list.



Virtual Administrator Snapin






b.      Properties (Right click on the Virtual Administrator and select Edit System Settings)



Data Source Tab

                                                   i.      Data Source Displays a list of ODBC data sources on the machine where the console is running.  The ODBC datasource that connects to the VA2 repository should be selected.

                                                 ii.      Username Database username for the VA2 repository.

                                                iii.      Password Password for VA2 user

iv.                 Test Tests the ODBC data source. If the test fails, you must adjust or create an ODBC Datasource and username/password to connect to the VA2 Repository.





System Variables Tab

                                                   i.      Poll interval System setting for how often data is collected from Siebel Servers, and how often Application Services are checked for availability.

                                                 ii.      Install Path Path local to the VA2 console that describes where the debugger.exe is located.





Customize MMC Consoles


Customized MMC Console that includes Microsoft Provided Computer Management and SQL Server snap-ins.