Virtual Administrator 2 (VA2)



Virtual Administrator 2 (VA2) is a rules-based monitoring system designed to ease and automate the management of complex systems. Its primary function is to ensure availability and performance of the disparate components that comprise a Siebel deployment. VA2 generates notifications and reactions in response to system events, and tracks system statistics for historical analysis. The notifications can alert administrators or business users of an existing or impending system outage or performance problem, in some cases allowing for automated resolution to the issue. The historical and real time analysis of data becomes a powerful tool for capacity planning, trend analysis, and increases in value the longer the system is implemented.



VA2 is a distributed system.  The components reside in several area’s.   The Repository is a database that the components connect to for centralized information and the reporting of events.  In the course of installation, the creation of the repository will be on of the first steps.  Every VA2 installation should have 1 (and only one) Central Service.  The Central Service is a NT service responsible for centralized management of data and events generated in the VA2 system Local Monitor Agents (LSM).  The Central Service schedules and executes Analysis Rules and Statistic Collectors, routes Reactions in response to events, and sends Communications.




Users use a MMC Snap-in – Microsoft’s standard for management applications – to interact and configure the VA2 system.