VA2 Analysis Rule example use


This example checks whether a particular Siebel Server Task is running, in this case a custom server task called ClientSAP.  To implement it an administrator would import it into VA2 and change one parameter.


The rule runs on a defined interval, and determines whether the particular Siebel Server task is running.  If it is not, it fires an event.   The event is routed to an Administrator via email,  and in this case a reaction to the event, which restarts a server task on the specified Siebel Server.  For more information about event routing, check the Event Routing tutorial and documentation:


1.        Analysis Rule



2.  Script


use siebsrvobj;


my $enterprise = 'HDFSI';

my $compname = 'ClientSAP';


my $entobj = siebsrvobj->newobj($datasession,$debug,$enterprise);      #initialize the enterprise object


$retval = $entobj->isenttaskrunning($compname);



3.  Analysis Rule creation screenshot:







4.        Reaction



Reaction script and screeshot:



Email received on error: