Monitor the shared pool free space in Oracle


Because of VA2’s flexibility, it can be configured to monitor many things.  In this case, a statistic is written that keeps track of the history of Shared Pool Freespace in Oracle.  Running out of Shared Pool Freespace in Oracle can crash your database, so the behavior was tracked in VA2 to assist the DBA’s.







use sqlanalyze;


my $sql = qq {select free_space, avg_free_size, used_space, avg_used_size, request_failures, last_failure_size

from v\$shared_pool_reserved};


my $freespace = sqlanalyze->returnsinglevalue($sql, $datasource{siebeldata},"FREE_SPACE");


$retval = $freespace / 1024;



Drill down:


With any VA2 graph, you can select the particular time period you are interested in and zoom in for a close up of the select time period, and scroll back and forth.  You can also chose to export and display the data in the graph in different ways.