Example of tracking CPU use of Siebel Components

Siebel Components use generic process names, so keeping track of specific Siebel components performance can be difficult. The example below shows the tracking of the CPU use of Siebel Server Manager. This rule adds up all the CPU time in seconds for all processes associated with the component.

You will have to customize the $enterprise and $appserver parameters to your environment to use this Satistic.

use siebsrvobj;

my $enterprise = 'siebel';
my $appserver = 'compaqamd';
my $compalias = 'ServerMgr';

my $entobj = siebsrvobj->newobj($datasession,$debug,$enterprise);  	#initialize the enterprise object

$retval = $entobj->cputime_forappsrvr_cc_alias($appserver,$compalias);	                #plot CPU time used

You can also import a similar CPU Statistic as XML and import it. Download Here. Or see the Vault for other rules.