Enterprise Event Management

Event Routing

Define Enterpise Events

Use VA2 framework to raise events from Siebel outages, custom log file monitoring, or user defined rules. Import and export rules from VA2 user communities.

VA2 has implement a flexible framework for raising Events. Built around open source, user power in Defining what your system is monitoring
Define event generation routines. Use built in VA2 features for custom areas, such as Siebel, log monitoring, or Service monitoring
Define complex, full programming environment for raising events
Import open source user community defined Event
VA2 provides built in features for handling events, monitoring system trends, scheduling, execution routings, notifying administrators,
Reacting to events, and integrating monitoring information with other Enterprise monitoring systems
No vendor can provide an out of the box solution for all your Enterprise Software systems. Most things that need to be monitored are custom systems that only exist in your company. VA2 is extremely flexible. VA2 provides a platform for software monitoring that provides with information about your systems that is actually useful