Large Siebel Customer

Manage Siebel Performance problems

The more Siebel application servers supported, the more important monitoring technology is.

  • You have 3+ Siebel Application Servers
  • Siebel with large deployment requires advanced monitoring technology. It is too complex and important to run with the manual administrative techniques provided out of the box with Siebel
  • You are a large company, and already have significant monitoring systems for monitoring the Network, servers, hardware, and some software systems, but existing monitoring systems don’t help with very specific Siebel issues
  • Your Siebel team needs to be able to rapidly change your monitoring rules, develop new ones, and the system changes, specific to Siebel problems
  • Existing monitoring system is complex and difficult to change, requiring those without Siebel knowledge to customize
  • You want your Siebel monitoring solution to integrate with larger enterprise management solutions
  • You don’t want a huge sales cycle for extremely expensive monitoring software that doesn’t fit in the budget

    Your Solution: VA2
  • VA2 provides an extremely flexible tool, which can be controlled completely within your Siebel team instead of depending on the System monitoring department
  • VA2 integrates with your larger enterprise systems, allowing VA2 events to be sent to other systems
  • VA2 maintenance fees are low, reducing the sales cycle and budget approval process. Get expert, always available enterprise level support, guaranteed compatibility with all Siebel releases. Get monitoring and management ROI when you need (not counting yesterday) instead of next year. Why wait, evaluate and choose VA2.
  • Get an extendible framework – Your team can leverage the flexible extendible framework of VA2 to monitor all sorts of enterprise applications