Siebel Small Customer

Value and Power

VA2 is the right application monitoring suite when the budget counts and power is imperative.

  • A few Siebel Application servers and up to a few hundred users
  • Budget of monitoring systems is important, so are features and flexiblity
  • You want a system that monitors the most important parts of Siebel, but is capable of managing anything for 24*7 support
  • You’d rather not invest in a monitoring system that requires a company wide commitment so that your Siebel system can be monitored

    Your Solution: VA2
  • VA2 is downloadable and testable without a large overhead, no requirement for new hardware
  • Core Siebel features are monitor-able out of the box
  • Excellent value fits in your budget
  • Extensibility and flexibility can allow significant savings in using the VA2 framework for many types of system monitoring without an expensive framework