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Advantages of Application Monitoring

Absolutely essential for mission critical and integrated systems. If mission critical application systems fail, or if a part of a system fails, there is a direct impact on revenue to the company and a direct increase in costs to fix the system.

Manual monitoring cannot match the volume of data collection and analysis in a typical system.

A Rules based system allows IT knowledge to be captured and retained instead of being dependent on specific employees.

Installing VA2 gives thousands of hours of headway over building a monitoring system from scratch.

Trend analysis from constant monitoring and statistic collectors offers a historical view and planning ability unattainable by ad-hoc management.

Helps maximize your significant investment in existing systems, reducing or eliminating the need to spend more on new systems.

Leveraging the intelligence of Analysis Rules can allow business related data to be analyzed and acted upon.

Helps the IT organization be proactive.

Monitoring increases the value and efficiency of current staffs' contributions to application maintenance, and reduces the need to expand administrative costs.

VA2 captures administrator's knowledge, and reduces the dependence on any one person.

Challenges of Application monitoring

Packaged applications such as Siebel do not have standard API's for monitoring. Though plenty of monitorable information is available, it is the responsibility of the administrator to capture the data.

Complex distributed systems require more advanced monitoring technology than traditional hardware or network based monitoring systems provide.

Business data should be reachable by a monitoring system. By monitoring only superficial areas like network and service availability, core information that affects your business can be passed over by a relevant monitoring solutions.

Integration with internal or external systems is often a feature of a Siebel implementation. Without a completely flexible solution to monitor these complex, non-standardized integration points, the integrity of the system as a whole can not be ascertained.