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VA2 and Perl
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VA2 and Perl

VA2 is an application that leverages Perl for application monitoring. It's core functionality is to allow users to define an Analysis Rule (similar to an Assertion ) or Statistics. Statistics are basically a data point, captured in time. All Analysis Rules and Statistics are written in Perl. However, you don't need a to install Perl to install the product. VA2 was made to be self contained, so it can be installed and run with no other dependencies.

Many of the Analysis Rules and Statistics are pre-written and can be imported. However, if a new rule or statistic needs to be developed, a user can easily create one. Those who know Perl can very easily develop new rules. Those who don't know perl, will often only need a few lines or the customization of exiting scripts. Perl is one of the most widely documented and supported programming languages in the world.

What does VA2 offer existing Perl users?

Scheduling - Run your perl scripts on a schedule. Rules and Data Collection routines are run at intervals (1 minute to 1 week intervals)

Event Handling - VA2 has integrated event handling when an Analysis Rule is found to be violated.

Event Routing is handled based on Administrators schedules, and routed to email or other systems (such as larger system monitoring tools, such as HP Openview, BMC, etc).

Reactions to events can be executed centrally or routed to VA2 hosts for execution.

Statistics - Statistics in VA2 are the ability to capture and graph the returned result of a script. The output is caputured at a point in time. Capturing statistics can be very useful for long term analysis and trend monitoring.

File system monitoring - VA2 log monitoring is written in C++ and sends events based on key words (using Perl relular expressions). It is the easisest, highest performing way to monitor log files on multiple machines for key events, in an integrated monitoring solution.

Perl extensibility - Use the vast internet based repository of Perl to help you with your application management needs.