Competitive Advantage

Open Source for Siebel

Monitor complex software applications by combining application specific monitoring routines with the flexiblity of Open Source.

Use prebuilt, open source modules for managing and monitoring enterprise applications. VA2 leverages the strength of millions of perl programmers and modules, and VA2's framework allows you to schedule and execute any custom monitoring routine completely flexible monitoring routines.

VA2 has the following core advantages:

   Doing the hard work for you
 - collecting core Siebel Server (and          custom application) information for          you
       - Providing native log file monitoring          for any application with no overhead
       - Framework for event raising and          handling events related to any          application
       - Reporting suite for system trends          that are actionable

   Allowing you to do hard    work
 - Commitment to open source – not          reinventing the wheel. VA2 source          code is distributed to customers.          Focus on knowledge transfer and          training, building communities not          vendor lock-in, with excellent          enterprise level support
       - Users can import user open source          pre defined rule from the VA2 user          community or the massive Perl          community and leverage exiting          open source technology for          monitoring needs
       - Enterprise level support. On site,          custom support, Recursive          Technology can make monitoring          technology work for you.

   100% Software monitoring
- Enterprise software applications are          custom, dynamic systems
       - Many vendors try to provide          expensive monolithic monitoring          system that track hundreds of          different applications, with no          requirements for users to          customize. However, they will do          nothing for your existing, custom          applications
       - VA2 is built around customization,          allowing users to define what is          most important to them in enterprise          monitoring schemes.

   Licensing model that works for you

       - Monolithic monitoring platforms          require you to pay huge software          licensing fees, followed up with huge          consulting fees to make the system          work for you
       - VA2 has extremely low yearly          maintenance fees, eliminating          software licenses, based on the          open source model
      - Custom expert consulting and          training services available

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